Sunday, October 21, 2012

sacred day / 3 favorite films

A sacred day for me would have to be mine and my fiance's anniversary on Feb 22. This is the date my fiance and I started dating. We have been dating for 8 years and will be getting married this summer. Every Feb 22 we do something together like go out to eat or go out of town.

My 3 favorite movies are: 1. Blow 2. Menace To Society 3. Shawshank Redemption

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

analyze music video

                     The video by Lambchop, " Is A Women" is depicting a fall leaf going to winter lifeless. Almost as if the leaf is just going with the winter season. All the animals notice the leaf is dead, but stare at the leaf as it passes by as if it is still alive. Once the leaf reaches the end of winter, it goes to the tree and places it self on it. As the sun rises winter is over and string as began. Once spring has began it will be a new beginning of a life cycle. This is signifying that life is always going in a constant circle, according to Mircea Eliade.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celestial Model / Sacred Center

Celestial Model


Moses is a greek/ latin version of Mosheh. Moses is sometimes considered the first leader of Israel. Moses is the Egyptians word for water.  (etymology) My family named me this after my father. They are a christian based family.

Sacred Center

I have two sacred centers. The first place would have to be my home. Ever sense I was young my family and I have had to move at least a dozen times. Finally this year my fiance and I purchased a home. It is nice to know that when I come home i don't have to worry about moving or getting evicted by a landlord.

Another sacred place for me would be any where I'm physically letting out energy. Whether it be the gym, or a trail to run on. Either way, I find my self at peace when i can let off steam or stress.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Series of Dreams

In the song “Series of Dreams,” Bob Dylan uses the symbols and archetypes of flying and falling to express the theme of confusion within the dream. According to Anthony Stevens in Ariadne’s Clue, he states, “The fall is thus a mythic representation of humanity’s transformation from hunter to farmer” (419). Mentioning of flying was also apparent: “Flying is clearly link to the symbolism of ascent and decent,” which indicates that the dreamer is possibly at an all-time high either spiritually or emotionally. Though in the song “Series of Dreams,” he says “Wasn’t thinking of anything specific,” clearly that was not the case when he says, “In one, numbers were burning, In another, I witnessed a crime”(Dylan).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ariadnes Clue

Interesting/Insightful quotes:

1) "Thus, Myths and rituals involving immersion in water, Purification, the deluge, the submersion of lost continents, the dissolution of the old order and the precipitation of the new, all fit together so as to 'make up a symbolic system which in a sense pre-existed them all."

2) "In the past, researchers in neuroscience and in artificial intelligence have maintained the fallacy that forms of intelligence could be devised on the basis of pure logic without having to postulate anything so messy as 'meaning'.

3)"For a hero possessing the highest rank to descend to the lower depths to recover a loved one who has been carried there is a supreme act of sacrifice displaying the greatest altruism, paralleled by the act of Christ, descending into hell after his crucifixion to accomplish salvation of Adam-and all humankind."

Confusion quote:

1)"Edelman's ideas are part of a wider scientific movement to put the mind back into nature."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Dream

My Dream
My Dream is to become a chiropractor. (Simple Sentence) I want to be a chiropractor because I believe that Alternative forms of medicine are extremely important. (Compound Sentence) Even though this is going to be hard, I believe that that nothing can stop me and I will become a chiropractor. (Compound Complex Sentence) I would also love to have my own Practice one day because that seems to be the best way to help people. (Complex Sentence )